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Who are Second Chance?

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Second Chance is at the forefront of caring for children who need special help. They may have been abused, come from a poverty stricken background or have learning difficulties, sometimes all three! For 34 years we have worked in an innovative and original way; using angling to hang our educational, social and personal welfare work on. Not always the most politically correct, we believe in setting clear guidelines and directions for our young people. Working with whoever is referred to us, regardless of colour or gender, has meant that some more politically correct bodies such as The National Lottery or The Government have often ignored us. This Charity is not all about numbers. It is about individuals and we would do it all just for one child. We live in worrying times but I believe in Second Chance we have some of the answers.  

Our work is varied and some may say we are a jack of all trades and master of none… all we know is it is effective! Because the work is so very varied we will forget some aspect or another when recording it. We are registered with The Charity Commission and our registration number is 1001462. Perhaps the best way of describing our work is to look at the way we use the facilities we own…


Staff and Volunteers

Doug Hulme


Louis Worthington

Site Manager

Jill Hulme

Early Years Learning and Parenting

Mark Hodnett

Assistant Site Manager

David Price

Store and Equipment Manager

Clare Hulme

Charity Administrator

Peter Tomlin

Youth Worker


Fiona Armstrong

Rob Hughes

Alexander Armstrong

Tom Brannan

His Hon Judge Christopher Compston

Judge Christopher Clark QC

Steve Edge

Terence Lambert

The Viscount Thurso

Chris Yates

Maj Vince Gwilym


Douglas Hulme

 (Chief Executive) Ex officio

Paul Stevens

Neil Collins

David Coates

Mr Tim Maitland


Alex Hunt

“Changing the world....    one child at a time”

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