Welcome to Second Chance Children's Charity

Second Chance was founded in 1984 and grew from the work of the founder and present chief executive Doug Hulme in special schools. It was originally known as "The Foster an Angler" charity, because it took children from deprived backgrounds camping and fishing.

Now based in our offices in Titchfield, it has come a long way since those early beginnings and is a nationally established independent and innovative social agency with many resources and skills at its disposal. Uniquely,it still takes the youngsters fishing and uses the medium of this popular leisure time activity to establish links and lines of communication between the youngsters and the volunteer adults, and to give children a sense of achievement, confidence and a social understanding.

It has been particularly encouraging to see children from the early days now well into adulthood coming back and acting as volunteers.

What Sort Of Children Do We Work With?

They come from three main backgrounds in roughly equal proportions. They may have been abused, sexually, physically or mentally. They may come from a poverty-stricken background in, usually, an inner-city area. They may have learning difficulties. This is a bit of an over generalisation - for instance, some may have all three situations thrust upon them at the same time! These children carry their disability on the inside, they do not generate sympathy from those they meet. We consider them to be amongst the most disadvantaged group of people in Britain today.

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